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  • Member #1504105 / about 5 years ago / 1

    I am trying to use this board to hook up a rotary switch in a guitar. I am used to soldering posts and not the through hole mounting. I am trying to use the rotary switch as a tone control with multiple caps to allow for different amounts of high and middle frequencies to be heard from the pickups. In this, the solder posts use a resistor and a cap (various sizes based on size of cap) in series. The resistor is used to minimize the pops and clicks that you get when switching between positions. Is this the correct board to use or should I use bob 13098 instead. (I realize that any connecting circuits will have to be on its own pcb board.)
    Last set of questions: rotary switches I am used to have a post for ground, hot, and a middle switch (three posts besides the 10 positions.) What are the similar locations to use on this break out board?
    Thanks so much for your help in advance. It takes forever to wire the above point to point on the back of on of these rotary switches. I think either breakout board will make it so much easier! DJ McIntosh

  • Member #802240 / about 8 years ago / 1

    This is exactly what I need - thanks- Complete newbee. Can you double up on the pot and display so that you can run two pots with individual displays from the same board ....if you can - can you help me?

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