Roshamglo Project: TV-B-Gone

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Try It Out

Turn on your Roshamglo badge. If North American IR codes were chosen (default), the green LED will blink three times. If EU codes were chosen, the green LED will blink six times.

Find a nearby TV, aim the USB connector toward it and press down on the center button of the five-way switch. The green LED should begin to flash intermittently, which indicates that the IR codes are being sent. You can let go of the button at this point; the codes will continue to be sent. Note that it could take up to 72 seconds for all the codes to be transmitted; keep pointing the badge at your target.

Turn off a TV with your Roshamglo badge

With any luck, the TV should turn off (or perhaps on, as the IR codes for on and off are the same for many TVs).

Note: The beam width on Roshamglo's IR LED is fairly narrow. You may have to point it directly at the TV's IR receiver.

If you would like to cancel the 72 seconds of code transmission, you can either press the RESET button or turn the badge off using the side switch.