Roshamglo Project: TV-B-Gone

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Before we load the TV-B-Gone code onto the Roshamglo badge, we'll need to install Arduino and the Roshamglo board definitions. Follow the instructions in the tutorial below to make sure you can send new programs to your Roshamglo board.

Hack Your Roshamglo Badge

March 12, 2017

Learn how to customize and program your Roshamglo badge.
Note: We are using a version of the TV-B-Gone software that has been modified to work on Roshamglo. A few of the TV codes have been removed in order to make it fit into the 6k of program memory available on the badge's microcontroller.

Download the Roshamglo Project Repository as a .zip file:

Unzip it. Open the Arduino IDE and select File > Open. Navigate to \/Firmware/Examples/Roshamglo-TV-B-Gone. Open the Roshamglo-TV-B-Gone.ino file.

Roshamglo TV-B-Gone Arduino code

By default, the Roshamglo-TV-B-Gone code supports North American IR codes. To change them to support European Union codes, click on the main.h tab and change

#define REGION NA


#define REGION EU

Changing TV-B-Gone to support European Union IR codes

Select Tools > Board > Roshamglo.

Programming Roshamglo badge with TV-B-Gone firmware

Click the Upload button.

Uploading the firmware from Arduino

Wait for Uploading to appear at the bottom of the Arduino window.

Waiting for Roshamglo badge in Arduino

At this point, make sure your Roshamglo badge is OFF, and press and hold the Down button on the Roshamglo badge (hold the five-way switch toward the SparkFun logo). While holding the Down button, insert the badge into an available USB slot on your computer.

Putting Roshamglo into bootloader mode

The program should be uploaded from Arduino. You should see a Done Uploading message appear.

Finished uploading TV-B-Gone firmware to Roshamglo from Arduino

Note: If you get an error message while uploading, it could be caused by a variety of reasons. The way we're uploading programs to Roshamglo is actually hacked together, as we're emulating USB on the badge, which many computers do not like. Here are some things to try if you do get an error:
  • Try a different USB port
  • Unplug other USB devices
  • Close other programs that might be running
  • Reinstall the Roshamglo USB driver
  • Try a different computer