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  • Member #425136 / about 5 years ago / 1

    What is the difference between a Blackboard C and the new RedBoard Qwiic? For example, I would like to use two Qwiic sensors and four servo motors controlled by a Raspberry Pi 3B + . Does the Arduino IDE work with either Blackboard or ReBoard Qwiic on the arm Raspberry Pi?

    • Doing a quick comparison of the two boards, the BlackBoard C takes advantage of the USB Type C connector as opposed to the RedBoard Qwiic which uses a USB mini-B connector. The BlackBoard C also has additional surface mount pads on the bottom by its Qwiic connector. Both boards use the Arduino Uno bootloader. I personally have not compiled Arduino code on a Raspberry Pi so I am not sure what kind of qwirks that you may run into. If you run into issues compiling certain libraries, you can always compile the code on a computer before sending serial data out to the Raspberry Pi.

      If you are simply sending data between the microcontroller and single board computer, it should not be too bad as long as you choose a serial protocol. If you choose to use a serial protocol that requires I/O pins, make sure to convert the logic.

      I hope that helps! =)

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