Red Hat Co.Lab Conversation Machine Kit Experiment Guide

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Here are some things to look for if your project isn't working (and for some great illustrations and further explanations of these, see "Common Mistakes when Using a Breadboard" on the Science Buddies site.) If your LED won’t light up:

Check your connections
  1. Be sure to double check the coordinates in the instructions to make sure the pins are completely inserted into the matching holes on the breadboard.
  2. Make sure components are fully seated in the breadboard. A component should go into the breadboard at least 4-5 mm (or a little less than the thickness of a pencil) when it's fully inserted.
  3. Check for shorts. When components get connected accidentally, it can cause a short circuit.
  4. Check the polarity of the LED and make sure they match the instructions.
Check your power
  1. Make sure your batteries are fully inserted.
  2. Make sure your batteries work.

Full Kit Contents List

Sometimes, things break or get lost—it's part of making and tinkering! If you need to replace a part, here is a list of the individual components that make up the Red Hat Co.Lab Conversation Machine kit.