Red Box Robot Hookup Guide

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Redbox Robot

Here at SparkFun, we get a lot of compliments on our red boxes. They're strong, stylish and hard to lose on a messy workbench. But, did you know that they also make pretty great robots? Okay, you can make a robot out of almost any box, but it won't be as stylish. This kit has everything you need to transform your favorite cardboard box into a robotic buddy!

Cyber Monday Redbox Robot

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Kit Includes:

Covered in This Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through the assembly, wiring and programming of an obstacle-avoiding robot. You will need to have some basic soldering experience, and you'll need to cut a few holes in a cardboard box. Beyond that, you shouldn't need any special tools or technical skill.

Materials Required

Besides the parts included in your kit, you'll need to following tools:

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