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  • Member #792634 / about 7 years ago / 2

    This was a super fun project! Thank you for putting this together. A quick note: The written whistle instructions state to connect one of the wires from the speaker to A4 on the Redstick. It is actually A2 as shown in the diagram.

  • Member #870919 / about 7 years ago / 2

    Heads up -- just received these kits, and the URL on the slip of paper is incorrect. It is and it gives a 404 -- but the URL that works is lowercase -- I suggest adding another redirect for the title cased to avoid frustrating people.

    • I'm sorry but I just saw this comment. We were unaware that the link did not work with capital letters. I had notified the writers and people designing the kits earlier when this issue occurred to make sure that the letters are lower case.

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    IR Sensors

    The RedStick uses an Atmega328P microcontroller with an Arduino bootloader. If the pins are available, you could use line following sensors but it really depends the line follower sensor that you are deciding to use. The Line Follower Array [ ] requires I2C pins A4 and A5. The RedBot Sensor – Line Follower [ ] and the Line Sensor Breakout QRE113 (Analog) [ ] requires an analog pin to read. The Line Sensor Breakout – QRE1113 (Digital) [ ] requires a digital pin to read. There should be an example linked on each of the product pages for more information.

    Looking at the pins that the RedBox Robot uses in the tutorial [ ], it requires analog pin A4 to turn on and off an LED. If you were using the line follower array, this would be conflicting since there is only one hardware I2C bus [ ] . As a workaround, you could connect the LED to another pin and redefine it to something besides A4 in code. If you were using the RedBot Sensor – Line Follower or line sensor breakout QRE113 (Analog), you just need an analog pin. Any of the other analog pins will work. If you are using the The Line Sensor Breakout – QRE1113 (Digital), you would just need any I/O pin to read.

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