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  • Sir, I tried to use your library to interface RTC1307 with the Arduino, but I found some problem like,

    when I commented below the line rtc.autoTime(); so it was working perfectly but I couldn't initialize the current time. and when I uncommented this line (rtc.autoTime()), so I initialized the time, but the module doesn't update the time, for example: I burn the program to the Arduino at 7:00 am, 14/7/19 and open the serial monitor, so I saw the time was getting the update but When I disconnected the Arduino from my laptop and reconnected after some passage of time so I saw the same time on the serial monitor like "7:00 am, 14/7/19". it means that Arduino shows the updated time on the serial monitor but doesn't the save the time, and when you restart the Arduino it shows the time that which to burn the program

    • Hi there, it sounds like you are looking for technical assistance. Please use the link in the banner above, to get started with posting a topic in our forums. Our technical support team will do their best to assist you.

      That being said, if you aren't using a coin cell/powering the module it is might be defaulting back to the last point of time it had (that is my guess).

  • Sir,

    Can I desolder the jumper's solder blob, and pulling up the SDA and SCL to 3.3V by 10k resistors in order to connect it in parallel with an LCD I2C to ESP32 module?

    Many yhanks in advance.

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