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  • My bad.... the question i asked is answered on experiment 2... I guess i have to keep on

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    There was a small typo in experiment 3. The Python code shifted the bits too much on the temperature register:

    temp_c = (val[0] << 4) | (val[1] >> 5)

    The correct number of bits that should be shifted is 4 bits:

    temp_c = (val[0] << 4) | (val[1] >> 4)

    The example codes in Experiment 3 are now correct.

  • Re: Experiment 2 How about changing the label text on a press of a switch on GPIO input. I'm having a hard time converting the given example code. Can anyone help me?... please. Would really appreciate it. Thanks...

  • On the temperature converter experiment, how do you change the values using a physical switch attached to a GPIO input. Would appreciate your support. Thanks.

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