PiRetrocade Assembly Guide

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Resources and Going Further

Go beyond the box, and customize your own arcade cabinet. Retro Built Games is a great resource for building arcade cabinets, navigating through RetroPie, EmulationStation, RetroArch and Retrogame, expanding roots to increase SD space, adding roms and much more. If you are having any trouble, the Forums on this site are excellent. There are also instructions for adding a player two, adding a coin acceptor, free plans for a MiniCade, and then random cool stuff like a Vending Machine and a folding dog ramp. Give this gaming maker some love.


Photo Courtesy of Ryan Bates at Retro Built Games

MiniCade and Vending Machines

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Bates at Retro Built Games

A table top vending machine seems like a worthy investment.

Or check out these blog posts for ideas.