PiRetrocade Assembly Guide

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Pew-Pew. Got you. The Raspberry Pi 3 has been the latest and greatest in the line of Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers. Need some inspiration for your next Raspberry Pi project? How about a retro arcade gaming kit?

SparkFun PiRetrocade

SparkFun PiRetrocade


Kit Includes:

  • 5x Arcade Buttons
  • 1x Joystick
  • 1x SD Card with Porta Pi
  • 20x Female quick disconnects
  • 20x 6-inch M-F Jumper Wires
  • 1x Utility Knife
  • 4x Screws and four nuts

Covered in This Tutorial

This guide aims to get you up and running with your PiRetrocade in no time. Thanks to the included micro-SD Card with the emulation image installed, setup is quick and requires no programming! This guide in conjunction with the video below will guide you through the assembly of the PiRetrocade, so you can get gaming.

Materials Required

The following is additional supplies you'll need that are not include in the PiRetrocade Kit.

Suggested Reading

Before building your PiRetrocade, you may want to read some of the tutorials below if you're unfamiliar with the Raspberry Pi. You do not need to have any previous experience with Raspberry Pi to build and use this kit.

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