Piezo Vibration Sensor Hookup Guide

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Resources and Going Further

For more information on piezoelectricity and piezo sensors, check out some of these resources:

Now that you've got your Arduino sensing those good vibrations, what kind of shake-sensing project are you going to start? Need some inspiration? Check out some of these related tutorials:

Wake-on-Shake Hookup Guide

A basic hookup guide for getting started with the SparkFun Wake-on-Shake. The board gives you the ability to put your project into hibernation until bumped or shaken awake using the ADXL362 accelerometer. This means you can design projects meant to stay inert for long periods of time, possibly even several years, depending on the battery type used to power the project.

MMA8452Q Accelerometer Breakout Hookup Guide

How to get started using the MMA8452Q 3-axis accelerometer -- a solid, digital, easy-to-use acceleration sensor.

LSM9DS1 Breakout Hookup Guide

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How to configure the Blynk Board and app to notify you when your washer or dryer is done shaking.