PicoBuck Hookup Guide v12

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Developed in collaboration with Ethan Zonca of protofusion, the PicoBuck is a small-size, triple-output, constant current LED driver. By default, each channel is driven at 330mA; that current can be reduced by either presenting an analog voltage or a PWM signal to the board. Version 12 of the board adds a solderable jumper that can be closed to increase the maximum current to 660mA. It also increased the voltage rating on the various components on the board, allowing the board to be used up to the full 36V rating of the AL8860 part.

It's important to note that the PicoBuck is designed for lighting either single LEDs or LEDs in series. Most LED strips are designed to be fed by a constant voltage and should not be used with the PicoBuck.

PicoBuck LED Driver

PicoBuck LED Driver


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