pcDuino Crowdsource Kiosk

Contributors: Nick Poole
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"Will Work 4 Candy"


When I was tasked with building a project that showcases the pcDuino development board, I was stumped at first. This little board is so capable that it's kind of like being asked to do a demonstration on how you'd use a desktop PC. I knew the feature that would set the pcDuino apart is the ease with which it will interface with hardware, and I also wanted to incorporate some kind of software interface. I thought it would be best to build a vending machine. But paying in money is boring, what if I could get people to pay in work?

Thus the pcDuino Crowdsource Kiosk was born. Simply step up to the machine, complete a few pop-up forms, and you'll be rewarded with a bite of chocolaty goodness! There are a few main components to this build so I'll walk you through each piece. The best thing about the Crowdsource Kiosk is that you can program it for any task that needs to be done, and as long as you have enough chocolate (and enough chocolate addicts), you're bound to get results!

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