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  • Member #1535412 / about a year ago / 1

    The product page specifically states that this processor board features two I2C ports, however, the schematics and this Hookup Guide both show only one I2C port.

    • Hi!

      Sorry, I just saw this comment when looking something else up. That is correct. The table lists the default pins in the schematic and hookup guide. The RP2040's pins are capable of being configured with software so you can potentially have two I2C ports. The RP2040 Datasheet: 1.4.3. GPIO Functions has a table that show the possible configurations for the programmable I/O.

      For example, say you want to add an additional I2C port and GPIO18 & GPIO19 are not being used. With software, you can configure those pins to be I2C1 SDA (i.e. GPIO18) and I2C1 SCL (i.e. GPIO19) when initializing the port. In the I2C MicroPython example, you would just replace the software defined pins for SCL (7) & SDA (6) with 19 & 18, respectively.

      • Member #1535412 / about 11 months ago / 2

        Awesome! I ran into this single-I2C question again today, and after Googling the RP2040 chip itself came to realize that I2C0 and I2C1 can basically be used from almost any pair of GPIO pins. Then I ran across your reply to my comment, which essentially confirms it. Cool!

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