Micro OLED Breakout Hookup Guide

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Arduino Library Download, Install, and Test

Soldering? Check. Wiring? Check. On to the firmware. Let's make the display blink!

Download, Install the Arduino Library

To make controlling the OLED as easy as possible, we've adapted an Arduino library for it. Using the library, you can draw anything from pixels to shapes and even text. To download the library, click the button below, or grab the latest version from our GitHub repository.

Then install the library in your Arduino sketchbook. If you need any guidance installing the library, check out our Installing an Arduino Library tutorial.

Load the Demo Example

Next, load up the demo example that's included with the library. After installing the library, open Arduino. Then navigate to File > Examples > SFE_MicroOLED > MicroOLED_Demo.

Opening the example

Make sure your Board and Serial Port are set correctly and upload!

alt text

The demo example will show off a lot of what the OLED can do. For more fun, check out the other examples included with the library.