MaKey MaKey Quickstart Guide

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Welcome to the world of MaKey MaKey! A world where every day objects are much more than what they appear. Bananas are more than just a curvy fruit - they’re keys to a virtual piano. Play-dough isn’t just a tasty child’s toy - it’s the controlling force behind Pacman’s up/down/left/right. And your simple pencil drawings are a portal to Portal.

Be prepared to look at every day objects in a whole new light. Be stoked! The world is your construction kit.

Covered in This Tutorial

This tutorial’s purpose is to help get you up and running with the MaKey MaKey – everything from what the board is, to installing it, to using it. Sections are split into pages, covering the following topics:

Materials Required

Suggested Reading

  • What is a Circuit? – To create a MaKey MaKey “key”, a circuit must be created so current can flow.
  • Voltage, Current, Resistance and Ohm’s Law – Learn about the three fundamental concepts behind electricity, and how they’re related by Ohm’s law. The MaKey MaKey works by bending our idea of resistive material.
  • Voltage Dividers – Voltage dividers are the secret behind every MaKey MaKey input. This tutorial digs a bit deeper into circuit theory.