LuMini Ring Hookup Guide

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Hardware Assembly

Soldering to the LuMini Rings

Soldering wires to the pads on the LuMini rings is pretty simple. The trick is simply to pre-solder both the pad and stripped wire before attempting to solder the two together. Then, press the wire onto the pad and solder away! Check out the below GIF if you're a little confused.


Soldering to the LuMini Ring

Choosing Pins

The APA102 LED is controlled on an SPI-like protocol, so it's generally good practice to connect CI to SCLK on your microcontroller, and connect DI to MOSI. However, This setup isn't required, and you can connect data and clock up to most pins on your microcontroller. Go ahead and determine which pins you will use, and solder your Data (DI) and Clock (CI) lines into your microcontroller.

Now that we know how to solder to these pads, we can start making a chain of LuMini rings, or even chain them to other APA102 based products. To do this, all we'll need to do is solder CO and DO of one ring to the CI and DI of the next ring. The below image has the output of a 1 inch ring connected to the input of a 3 inch ring.

Chained Rings

Chained Rings