Ludus Protoshield Hookup Guide

Contributors: Nick Poole
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Easy Prototyping with Ludus

The Ludus Protoshield is an Arduino shield designed to make it easier and faster to connect motors and sensors to your Arduino compatible development board. It’s really handy for throwing together remote control rovers and small autonomous robots. This guide will get you up and running with your very own Ludus ProtoShield or Ludus Protoshield Wireless!

Ludus ProtoShield

Required Materials

Aside from the Ludus Protoshield, you will also need to stack the shield to a microcontroller. We recommend the SparkFun RedBoard or any other Arduino form factor boards such as the Arduino Uno or the Arduino Leonardo.

One of the main features of the Ludus Shield is to make working with motors easier for those just learning. In order to fully utilize this shield, you’ll also need some motors to drive. Check out our Motors Category for some ideas.

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