LTE GNSS Breakout - SARA-R5 Hookup Guide

Contributors: El Duderino, PaulZC
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Resources and Going Further

That wraps up this Hookup Guide. For more information about the SparkFun LTE GNSS Breakout - SARA-R5 take a look at the resources below:

LTE GNSS Breakout - SARA-R5 Documentation:

u-blox SARA-R5 module Documentation:

For more information on using the SARA-R5 with u-blox m-center, check out the MicroMod Update Tool Hookup Guide (specifically the Software Setup section):

MicroMod Update Tool Hookup Guide

February 25, 2021

Follow this guide to learn how to use the MicroMod Update Tool to interact directly with the UART on the MicroMod Asset Tracker's SARA-R5. Using this board you can talk directly to the module using u-blox's m-center software as well as update the firmware using EasyFlash.