LilyPad Light Sensor V2 Hookup Guide

Contributors: Gella
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Project Examples

Light Sensitive Hat

Let your geek shine with this hat that blinks when the lights go down.

Geek Hat

Geek Hat Detail

Musical Bracelet

Combining the sensor with a LilyPad Buzzer can create interesting interactive projects, for example this wearable light-controlled musical instrument or Opto-Theremin. Control tones on the buzzer by covering the LilyPad Light Sensor.

Musical Bracelet

Musical Bracelet

Twinkling Prom Dress

The prom dress project featured in this video uses an initial threshold setting and light sensor to trigger some LilyPad Pixel Boards.

LilyPad Safety Scarf

Create a scarf that lights up when it gets dark with LilyPad and sewable LED ribbon.

LilyPad Safety Scarf

November 21, 2017

This scarf is embedded with a ribbon of LEDs that illuminate when it gets dark out, making yourself more visible to vehicle and other pedestrians.