Light-Up Father's Day Card

Contributors: Nick Poole
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Pop-Up Basics

Pop-up cards are great for making paper circuits because they give you places to hide batteries and switches and things like that. They also create depth, which plays nicely with the LED lighting.

There are a ton of ways to create this depth. If you're interested in designing your own card using advanced pop-up kung-fu, check out Robert Sabuda's site. The card that we're making today relies on this very simple method:

alt text

To get a pop-up layer all you have to do is fold the card, make two cuts on the folded edge, and open it back up reversing the fold on the pop-up part. If that didn't make sense then check this out. Everything after that is just cutting little layers of scenery and gluing it into place.

We're lazy and spoiled, so we used a laser cutter. This wouldn't be hard to cut out using a hobby knife, though, so don't worry if you don't have access to lasers. Just print out this template and get to cutting! The red lines in the template are where we printed on the card and the black lines are where we cut.

alt text

You'll notice that the card has two layers so that there won't be a big hole in the front of the card where we cut out the pop-up layer. Also, the car, dad and child cutouts are attached to the front of the garage with strips of paper folded accordion style. Once the paper portion of the card is put together, it's time to light it up! Let's get started on the paper circuit...