Light-Up Father's Day Card

Contributors: Nick Poole
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Paper Circuits

To make the card light up, we're going to put together the simple circuit below. Instead of using conductive thread to connect the LilyPad components, we'll be using copper tape.

alt text

As long as all of your "+" signs are connected and all of your "-" are connected, you can lay out the tape in any pattern you want. Think about the layout of the card. We hid most of our components under the pop-up layer with the LEDs at the top so they shine out through the front. At the places where the copper tape meets, you'll need to form an electrical connection by adding a little dab of solder to the overlap.

alt text

In order to secure each of the LilyPad components, simply place them and then add solder to the center of the connector. Don't be afraid to hold the soldering iron in place for a few seconds while the hot solder flows through the connector and attaches to the copper tape below.

alt text

Once all of your components are soldered in place, insert a coin cell battery and push the switch into the "on" position. Your LEDs should light up!