LDK Experiment 6: Microcontroller Circuits

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Positive Traces

components arranged on fabric

To start, let's make sure we've got everything arranged to our liking. It's going to be important that one positive pin on the battery pack points towards the positive pin on the LilyTiny board. Likewise, one negative pin should point towards the negative on the board. You need room for both of these components as well as for the four LEDs to spread around the LilyTiny board with positive pins pointing towards the numbered pins on the Tiny board.

sewn down battery holder

Once you know where you want to put the components and you're confident there's plenty of room for everything, set aside everything except your battery holder. Don't put the battery in yet! Sew down the positive pin furthest from where you want to put your tiny board, then sew several stitches to the closer positive pin. Sew that down as well. If you've been following along for the entire LDK series, you're probably an expert at this part by now! Don't cut the thread yet.

battery to Tiny Positive

Continuing the trace from the positive pin of the battery, sew to the positive pin of the LilyTiny board and sew it down with several stitches.

knotted thread

Knot and cut your thread before the next step.

first LED positive

Starting with a new thread trace, sew down one of the numbered pins on the Tiny board. From that pin, sew a line of stitches to where you would like the LED to be, and sew down the positive pin of that LED. Knot and cut the thread, and leave the negative pin alone for now.

all LEDs sewn down

Repeat this process three more times, connecting each of the remaining numbered pins to the positive side of an LED.