IR Communication

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Library Overview

Note: This example assumes you are using the latest version of the Arduino IDE on your desktop. If this is your first time using Arduino, please review our tutorial on installing the Arduino IDE. If you have not previously installed an Arduino library, please check out our installation guide.

Download and Install Ken Shirriff's IRremote Library

To quickly and easily add IR control to your Arduino, we recommend you download Ken Shirriff's IRremote library. Shirriff has written a library for IR remote. You can obtain this library through the Arduino Library Manager. Search for IRremote by shirriff and you should be able to install the latest version. If you prefer downloading the libraries manually you can grab them from the GitHub repository:

Warning: Make sure the folder name that you copy into your "libraries" folder is named "IRremote". Use of the ` - ` in the directory name can lead to errors in compiling the code.

The IRremote library is a powerful tool for adding IR to your project. Whether you want to send IR codes out to an appliance, or transmit IR codes from a remote to your Arduino (or both!). We'll go over some of the simple stuff you can do with the library. For more help using it, check out Ken Shirriff's blog.