IOIO-OTG Hookup Guide

Contributors: Joel_E_B, Ytai
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Hardware Assembly

This section will cover attaching hardware to your IOIO-OTG. The examples in this tutorial will only be making use of the on-board LED found on the IOIO. However, the techniques you learn to control the on-board LED will translate to a multitude of other hardware such as buttons, motors, switches and knobs.

To make attaching other hardware to your IOIO, you’ll want to solder on some headers. If you have never soldered before, we have a great guide to get you started. We recommend using female headers.

IOIO with Headers

IOIO-OTG with female headers soldered to the I/O pins.

One additional part that may make your IOIO development that much easier is the IOIO and Breadboard Holder Base Plate. Similar to our Arduino and Breadboard Base Plate, this allows you to attach your IOIO and a breadboard to the same plate, making cicuit building easier and adding durability to your project. The holder comes with screws for attaching the IOIO.

IOIO and Breadboard Holder

IOIO and Breadboard Holder

$3.95 $0.10

Please note: It is not necessary to solder headers to your IOIO to follow along with this tutorial. Nor is the Base Plate necessary. These are just suggestions to make development easier once you reach the end of this guide.

With all the hardware suggestions in this section added, your platform should look something like this:

ioio on plate