How to Build a Remote Kill Switch

Contributors: Nate
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Future Improvements - Reverse!

The kill switch is working nicely over a long range and I have moved on to other challenges on the vehicle. Testing will tell if motor braking is a good thing or not. I’m also pretty sure Mr. Auto is going to drive me into the barrier quite often during testing and I’ll need the ability to stop and back up. As designed, the system doesn’t have the ability to reverse. For that I’ve looked into continuous duty solenoids. These are common on golf carts and other small DC vehicles. I’m waiting to find a cheap, used one somewhere to keep from going over the $500 PRS budget.

I hope you can learn a bit from my setup. If you have similar projects please link them in the comments. One of the great aspects of the AVC is all the great stuff I learn from other people so please let me know how you did your kill switch!