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Changing the Hardware

The Teensyduino RawHID library works best with the Teensy hardware (Teensy2.0++ is used in this tutorial). However, if you are a more adventurous user, you can use the RawHID library on any board that uses the ATmega32u4 or AT90USB1286. The Arduino IDE will generate a HEX file that can be located deep within the Arduino temporary compile folder. Using an external programmer (we prefer the AVR Pocket Programmer but you can also use an Arduino), you can load this HEX file onto any board. Using an external programmer is not as easy as the Teensy bootloader, but it means the LilyPad USB, Fio v3, Arduino Leonardo, and a whole gaggle of other development boards can benefit from the RawHID library. Roll your own hardware, and skip all the FTDI ICs and odd bit-bang USB libraries!