Comments: GPS Geo-Mapping at the Push of a Button


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  • I believe I may have found another discrepancy: The RedBoard Turbo SPI header outputs 3.3V only. The microSD Shield SPI header is looking for 5V. This discrepancy coupled with the 9V input error from before leads me to believe this tutorial may have been written with the non-Turbo RedBoard used in the predecessor to this tutorial here.

    Couldn't for the life of me get my SD card to initialize until I swapped a RedBoard Turbo for a RedBoard Qwiic, and it worked like a charm.

  • The product list for this tutorial suggests using a 9V battery. But the RedBoard Turbo has a max input voltage of 6V. Just a reminder to read all of your documentation before diving in!

    • I've removed the 9V battery from the hardware list. Thank you for catching the error.

    • You are absolutely right! Thank you for catching that. The module I used for testing worked with the 9V battery oddly enough. It can be safely assumed that my unit was an exception for an unknown reason. I will update this tutorial as soon as possible!

      Note for future users: please use a lipo battery or battery pack <= 6V.

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