Comments: Force Sensitive Resistor Hookup Guide


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  • Thanks for this program.I would like to ask why Force g's program is written (fsrG-0.00075) / 0.00000032639), I read the FSR integration guide (figure's 3 and 4) but I don't understand how it is calculated, if you can tell me it will help me a lot, Thank you

  • Thank you for the program. Please can you tell me how are the constant values obtained.It would be really helpful if you can share me any link/tutorial to follow. Thanks in advance

    • I estimated those values using the graphs in the FSR integration guide (figure's 3 and 4) - trying to linear-ize those curves. Those equations could use a lot of fine-tuning, but they at least produce usable data.

  • that is nice,thank you. i am trying to implement it for human weight measurement, will this program work fr human weight measurement ? as the curves are described are upto 10 kgs . If I have to change values how can I determine them ? I can derive the slope equation but I am unable to interpret values from them.

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