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  • there seems to be an error in the code snippet for the buffering example: Setting a pointer (probably in the window struct) to the allocated memory (the buffer) is missing ( setWindowMemory(..) ???)

    • Thanks spotting that! I couldn't find anything in the Buffering Example on GitHub. Is this the right file? Could you suggest a line # or something so I can find it more easily?

      • it should be line 79,80 in the example source you linked. And in the original library source, the signature for the fn appears here:

        • Okay so I gave it a look-over and still couldn't see the missing pointer setting. In lines 79-80 there are two different functions being called - one sets the memory for the current window and the other requires that you specify which window to set the memory for. That might be able to account for the confusion. If it doesn't and there's still trouble will you consider posting a pull request with your desired changes on GitHub? Or if not that then just an issue with a screenshot of what you're seeing would be good.

          • ohhh, I see where we've mis-communicated. I meant that in the actual tutorial write-up, there is a code snippet called out; In the page here: ...there is a code-snippet, right below the words "Here's how that process might look in code:" My point was simply that in that excerpt, the actual code for setting the buffer memory is missing. This might be misleading/confusing because the paragraph right above it makes an explicit point about the need to set the buffer memory .The example code itself that you linked is correct (i.e. it uses the right function call) My apologies for not being more clear as to what I perceived the "mistake" to be

  • I love the idea of the "Beerware" license. Also, HyperDisplay looks awesome! Well done!

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