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  • How’s it going Shawn and Jim. I hope is well with you guys over at SFE. I have a question about the “noise” I’m getting on the imp’s pins when configured ANALOG_IN. Power supply is 5v/500ma wall adapter via USB. I’m setting up a water level sensor and so to get familiar with the Imp I set up a simple photocell just like you have in example 3. The reading jumps very erratically every 5th reading or so. I have a v002 that I tested it on and a friend of mine who I’m working on the project with has a breakout and we’re getting the same results. Even when I completely disconnect the jumper on the breadboard to the pin I’m still getting more than 0. All the other examples work just fine except anything requiring ANALOG_IN. Do you have any suggestions or have you heard reports of issues with Analog input accuracy on the Imp?

  • So the connectivity has to be through the IMP service? Can it be controlled purely over a local Router/ WIFI network with the internet?

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