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  • Member #725150 / about 5 years ago / 1

    Hi guys, this is just a quick note to tell you that the Electric Imp planner guide link,, now goes to 404. Fortunately, the main Electric Imp page,, still exists, and so does the Android app.

    You may already know about that. I'm way behind most of the rest of the Arduino community. I'm like the slow kid in the back of the classroom, plodding my way through this hookup guide long after the other kids have already gone to recess.

  • How's it going Shawn and Jim. I hope is well with you guys over at SFE. I have a question about the "noise" I'm getting on the imp's pins when configured ANALOG_IN. Power supply is 5v/500ma wall adapter via USB. I'm setting up a water level sensor and so to get familiar with the Imp I set up a simple photocell just like you have in example 3. The reading jumps very erratically every 5th reading or so. I have a v002 that I tested it on and a friend of mine who I'm working on the project with has a breakout and we're getting the same results. Even when I completely disconnect the jumper on the breadboard to the pin I'm still getting more than 0. All the other examples work just fine except anything requiring ANALOG_IN. Do you have any suggestions or have you heard reports of issues with Analog input accuracy on the Imp?

  • Member #768888 / about 6 years ago / 1

    So the connectivity has to be through the IMP service? Can it be controlled purely over a local Router/ WIFI network with the internet?

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