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With one notable exception, bunnies are generally a cute and good-natured species, which makes them the perfect icon for a nightlight to reassure children that there is not - for instance - a velociraptor waiting in their closet until the cover of night to emerge and feast joyfully upon their parts. I decided to make this project as a sort of retroactive therapy, because it would have really come in handy for me as a 9-year-old fresh out of my very first PG-13 movie, having learned to my dismay that velociraptors could not only open doors, but were also probably waiting in my closet until the cover of night to emerge and feast joyfully upon my parts.

This project would also be great in a baby's nursery, or anywhere you need a little extra light.

Yeah. So, let's get started!

This tutorial uses ELastoLite - a waterproof, bendable, iron-able electroluminescent panel that will smush accommodatingly into just about anything and also works great in clothing. There's a lot you can do with these panels; we've also used them to make a Captain America shield and an illuminated temporary tattoo, among other projects.

Suggested Reading

Full disclosure: I had never played with ELastoLite before making this project, so if you want to read more before getting started, I recommend checking out the ELastoLite hookup guide and our assembly video, both of which I referenced heavily before I made my light. Some other tutorials that may help get you started with this project include: