EL Sequencer/Escudo Dos Hookup Guide

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Resources and Going Further

Now that you have your EL Sequencer or EL Escudo Dos up and running, you can start creating your own awesome art displays, interactive costumes, or colorful installations. Making something really neat? Let us know - we'd love to see it!

For more information, check out the resources below:

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Fear the dark no longer with this ELastoLite nightlight.

Pokémon Go Patches with EL Panels

Add a cloth stencil over EL panels to create glowing logos and designs.

EL Wire Pants

In this tutorial, we will sew standard electroluminescent (EL) wire to a pair of pants.

Modifying Your EL Wire Inverter

In this tutorial, we will modify the 12V EL wire inverter to power the EL Sequencer/EL Escudo Dos off a single power supply.

There's also some great tutorials on these other tutorial websites.

Or try automating the sequence and syncing it with an audio track using Vixen instead of manually programming your EL Sequencer to trigger the channels.

Or check out some of these blog posts for ideas:

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