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  • Jacob_B / about 9 years ago / 1

    Hi, I purchased this product along with an Arduino Pro Mini 5V and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to connect the two together. I looked at the Hookup Guide but a lot of it didn't make sense and I really need help if someone can figure it out. I saw another person in the comments section of the product page did it so im pretty sure it can be done. Please help!

    • M-Short / about 9 years ago / 1

      Check out the code section. At the beginning of the code you will see a brief list of the Arduino pins and the display pinout (the pinout is in the "hardware overview" section. Connect each of these pins (add a resistor on the cathode lines). Then checkout the "hooking it up" section. Take a look at the image, this should give an idea of what it should look like although it's hard to tell what pin is connected where. Lastly upload the code and see what happens. If you are still having problems try sending an images to explaining what you are seeing and any problems you are having and they should be able to help you out.

  • Member #126041 / about 9 years ago / 1

    I don't think that the resistor network referenced in this tutorial can be used to replace the individual resistors in the circuit. The resistors in the network all share a common terminal, but none of the resistors in the circuit do. Please let me know if I'm overlooking something.....

  • Member #438815 / about 10 years ago / 1

    having a problem with the code on the hookup guide. I followed the instructions and when i verify the code with the arduino software i get an error " int displayType = COMMON_CATHODE; //Your display is either common cathode or common anode" how can I fix this?

    • Joel_E_B / about 10 years ago / 1

      Did you install the SevSeg library as per the tutorial?

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