Bluetooth Basics

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Resources and Going Further

Now that you're familiar with the concepts behind Bluetooth, consider checking some of these related tutorials out:

  • RN-52 Hookup Guide -- The RN-52 is a Bluetooth audio module, which supports all sorts of nifty profiles we talked about in this tutorial: HSP/HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, and SPP. Check out this module if you want to add wireless audio to your project.
  • BlueSMiRF Hookup Guide -- The BlueSMiRF, using the RN-42 Bluetooth module, is simple-to-use and supports the SPP profile. If you want to replace a serial cable, check this module out.
  • MetaWatch Teardown and Hookup Guide -- The MetaWatch is a "smartwatch", and it uses Bluetooth to communicate with and receive notifications from a smart phone. Look at the guts of this watch to see where the Bluetooth module fits in. Or follow along to control the watch from a Bluetooth module connected to an Arduino.

Or, if you're sick of Bluetooth, but still interested in doing something wireless:

  • ATmega128RFA1 Dev Board Hookup Guide -- The ATmega128RFA1 sports an RF module which operates on the same standards as ZigBee (802.11.4). If you want to dig down into the nitty, gritty area of RF communication, check out this board.
  • Electric Imp Hookup Guide -- The Electric Imp makes connecting to WiFi incredibly easy. Follow along with this tutorial, and you'll have an embedded module able to interact with web pages!

Here are some more great reads, if you want to learn more about Bluetooth:

* Specifications -- Thousands of pages covering the specifications of every Bluetooth version and profile known to mankind. * Althos Bluetooth Tutorial -- This is a well done beginner tutorial presented in slide form.

Or check out some of these blog posts for ideas: