ARM Programming

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Programmers and J-Link Software

There are a few different ARM programmers from Segger. If you are just getting started and don't plan on making any money off your project, then the EDU Mini is a great place to start. If you want something a bit more powerful, the J-Link Base EDU is a good option. If you are planning on making money, you cannot use the EDU versions, in which case I recommend the Base Compact that we carry. This is the cheapest Segger ARM programmer without an EDU license. There are plenty of higher end programmers as well, but based on their price, you are only going to grab those if you know exactly what features you need from them. But don't worry, all these are more than capable of programming our boards.

Segger J-Link EDU Mini

Segger J-Link EDU Mini


J-Link EDU Base Programmer

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J-Link BASE Compact Programmer


First step is to download the J-Link Software. This software is good for updating the firmware on the programmers. Go ahead and open the Jlink Configurator and see if your programmer needs an update. The J-Link Software packages has a lot of features you can dig into, but we aren't going to use them. Feel free to play around and explore the software and all the debugging has to offer.