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A simple search on-line for "Arduino resources" results in "About 3,920,000 results (0.30 seconds)," but if you're just starting out and interested in getting Arduino into your classroom - this can be terribly overwhelming. So - here's a list of some of the sites I like to use.

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I've been using Arduino for the past 2.5 years now, and the wealth of resources continues to grow. Every time I search for resources, I find another university, high school, and even middle schools with on-line curriculum, resources, and activities available. I used to use bookmarks in my browser to keep track of homepages, blogs, and resources on the web that I wanted to go back to, but I found that I rarely used my bookmarks and simply continued to use search instead.

Recently, I stumbled across a site called list.ly. It's become a great place for me to organize and keep track of great websites, brainstorming ideas, and just fun stuff to do. As with all internet social media sites, list.ly also encourages you to peruse and see what other lists might be trending and to start discussions with other about content that is out there.

So - I welcome you all to take a look at my first stab at some great resources available for teachers and educators using Arduino in the classroom. Some of the links point right back to sparkfun - which makes this a kind of funny loop. It's good to see that others also like our tutorials, hook-up guides, and projects!

I implore you to please check out the resources and up-vote, thumbs-up, or heart the ones you like, and share, tweet, g+, or instagram this resource to your friends! We're crowd-sourcing this resource of resources!

If you have any awesome links that you think should make the list -- please log into List.ly and add it to my list! We're busy creating a few new arduino courses here at SparkFun, and in addition to our amazing tutorials, we will have a wealth of great classroom activities, lesson plans, and experiments for you to use!

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