National Tour: Southwest and West Regions

A quick map of the RV's driving adventure for the Southwest and West regions of the National Tour!

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The snazzy SparkFun RV will cover a great deal of the land mass we call our country from June through November. We hope to be able to combine all of the National Tour data into a beautiful map highlighting the hosts, cities, and sightseeing adventures that the RV will visit on the tour. In the meantime, I decided it would be interesting to see a rough version of the recent drive by dropping pins on the cities listed on the credit card receipts for meals, fuel, and other tour necessities.

Below you will find a very rough version of the drive covering the southwestern and western legs of the National Tour! Jeff, Matt, Toni and Dav covered a lot of miles! Now Linz, Pamela, Chris and Dane are out on the wild roads of Oklahoma! Wish them luck!

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    It was terrific to meet you at the Museum of the Great Plains in Lawton and then also at Science Museum of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City (thanks to the Oklahoma Museum Network and funding by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation). Thanks for sharing your know-how, your enthusiasm, your patience and over-all awesome instruction. We had a GREAT time learning about programming and PicoBoards ....and wish you safe and happy travels!

  • It looks like a horizontally squished version of the continental United States, sort of.

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