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  • pperron / about 2 months ago / 1

    Hi, Great project by the way ! Any idea how to manage communication lag between start and finish devices that can occur (an interference causing delay in propagation of Wifi message) and impact the final time displayed at the end ?

    Since a race can sometimes been won by only few milliseconds of time difference between 2 participants, communication lag could cause a wrong timing calculation...

    If we look at a discussion about using the same devices (, at one point (post #5), user set 2x ESP32 boards to communicate and timing seems pretty good but we can still see that sometimes the timing can be off up to 5 ms because of communication lag, meaning that for a user on your system, final time can be off by up to 5 ms (can be more if environment where you setup is installed is in an area with lot of interference).

    I know your system is only to demonstrate the concept and not be installed for the next Olympics, but just wondering if you had any idea how to control impact of that possible lag ?

    Thanks !

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