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    Question about this shield - I am attempting to get an analog signal from a flex sensor (SEN-08606) to the arduino through the analog inputs on the shield following the wiring guide at The circuit works fine on the arduino without the shield, but with it my range is extemely limited:

    Resistor / range arduino /range shield + arduino

    0.1 K / 15-70 / 536-545

    4.7 K / 50-264 / 844-853

    10 K / 140-430 / no range

    47 K / 400-800 / 1001-1004

    100 K / 590-903 / 1012-1014

    I am trying to position servos using the range, so I am severely limited by the readings that come across with the shield. It appears there is something about the analog inputs on the shield that impact circuit resistance significantly - is there a way to overcome this?

    Thank you Brian

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