VL6180 Hookup Guide

Contributors: CaseyTheRobot
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Connecting the Hardware

Using the VL6180 Breakout

To use the VL6180 Breakout, follow the diagram below. One important thing to note is you MUST use a 3.3v Pro-Mini for this to work. We are cheating the 2.8v Level shifting rules in this hookup. Since I2C is an active low signal, we will use the pull-up resistors on the breakout to provide our logic voltage. We have a great I2C tutorial that explains this in more detail. To provide the required 2.8V we are using an LM317 regulator. The output voltage is tuned to 2.8V with the two resistors shown.

alt text

Wiring Diagram for VL6180 Breakout and 3.3v Pro-Mini

NOTE: To use this diagram make sure the two pull-up resistors on the Pro-Mini are NOT populated.

alt text

Unpopulated Pro-Mini Pull-ups

Using the VL6180 Sensor

To use the Sensor version of the VL6180, things are much simpler. The board carries its own level shifting and regulation. The VL6180 Sensor can work with 3.3-5V Logic and power.

alt text