VL6180 Hookup Guide

Contributors: CaseyTheRobot
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Board Overview - VL6180 Sensor

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VL6180 Sensor Diagram

The VL6180 Sensor is very similar to the VL6180 Breakout with some noted additions.

  • 2.8V Regulator - Provides the required 2.8V for the sensor
  • I2C level shifter - Provides logic level conversion from 2.8V to VCC (provided by the user)
  • Pull-up Enable - Defaulted to enable, two required pull-up resistors are attached to the I2C lines. Remove solder jumper if using multiple sensors on the same bus.
  • VL6180 Sensor

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VL6180 Sensor and Sharp GP2Y0A41SK0F Comparison

Another thing to note is the form factor of the sensor itself. Many small robotics platforms have integrated hole patterns for the long time favorite Sharp IR sensor line. This allows the VL6180 Sensor to be a near drop-in replacement for most Sharp sensors.