Using the USB Logic Analyzer with sigrok PulseView

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Setting up the Software/Hardware

With PulseView open, plug in your USB Logic Analyzer. You should see faint red and green LEDs illuminate under the sticker.

Logic analyzer plugged in

If PulseView does not automatically detect your logic analyzer, you'll need to set it manually:

  1. Click the "\" dropdown menu.
  2. Select fx2lafw (generic driver for FX2 based LAs) from the dropdown.
  3. Select USB for the interface
  4. Click Scan for devices using driver above
  5. Select "Logic with 8 channels" and click "OK"

Connecting to the USB logic analyzer

You'll be greeted with a blank slate of eight colorful bands of logic channels, numbered D0 to D7 (these match the CH0-CH7 labels on the LA).

Click the Run button in the top-left of the window to beginning scanning.

Run button location

With the sampling parameters set as default -- 1M samples, 20kHz -- it'll take almost a minute to gather all million samples. You can hit "Stop" to end the scan early.

Unless you've already connected a few channels and grounds, this first scan will probably not be that interesting.