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  • Member #1467297 / about 6 years ago / 4

    If you are using an Linux distro and are unable to connect to the Logic Analyzer you probably don't have the firmware (fx2lafw-saleae-logic.fw)

    When attempting to select the LA pulseview will autodetect the device properly through the menus, but after clicking OK it will revert to "No device" without any useful GUI notification. If you run pulseview from CLI you can see the following output:

    sr: resource: Failed to open resource 'fx2lafw-saleae-logic.fw' (use loglevel 5/spew for details).
    sr: fx2lafw: Firmware upload failed for device 2.4 (logical).
    sr: fx2lafw: Unable to get version info: LIBUSB_ERROR_TIMEOUT.
    sr: fx2lafw: Failed to get firmware version.
    sr: fx2lafw: Unable to open device.

    From here you have two options. Install the firmware from source (or prebuilt tarball). Or Install the missing package from your OS repos.

    Source can be found here: Sigrok Wiki

    For Fedora the package: sudo dnf install sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw

  • Hmmm / about a year ago / 2

    Same for Ubuntu: sudo apt install sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw Wish it gave a more helpful error message or installed this package by default.

  • Member #187451 / about 5 years ago / 1

    On Windows 7, 8, 10, the device was not recognized automatically. My recommendation is to install Zadig before using the device. Run Zadig and plug the Logic device (it will pop-up in the Zadig drop-down as unknown device). Within Zadig; rename the device to something meaningfull (e.g. "SFE USB Logic Analyzer" - this is the name that will show up in Windows Device Manager), and install the WinUSB driver. From there on when you run Sigrok Pulseview, the Logic device will show up as Saleae Logic Analyzer.

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