Using the USB Logic Analyzer with sigrok PulseView

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An 8-channel, 24MHz USB logic analyzer for under $20. What a deal!

This USB Logic Analyzer has been updated to a new model with USB-C! If you have the previous version with micro-B, please view TOL-15033; now retired.

USB Logic Analyzer - 24MHz/8-Channel

USB Logic Analyzer - 24MHz/8-Channel


But a USB logic analyzer (LA) is only as useful as the software required to configure and monitor the tool. There are a few software options available for this USB logic analyzer; in this tutorial we aim to familiarize you with sigrok's PulseView.


sigrok is an open-source suite of software projects -- all focused on supporting signal analysis tools. The project includes:

  • PulseView -- A logic analyzer front end with a simple GUI.
  • sigrok-cli -- A command line interface for sigrok -- useful for scripting tests or running on a headless machine.
  • fx2grok -- A collection of open-source hardware LA layouts, schematics, and BOM's.

With an eye towards logic analyzers, this tutorial will focus mostly on PulseView.