Using the USB Logic Analyzer with sigrok PulseView

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Resources and Going Further

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Further Explorations with the CLI

If you're connecting the logic analyzer to a headless machine, or want to automate a LA-based test, check out sigrok-cli -- a command line interface for sigrok. With sigrok-cli installed, for example, you can use a command like:

sigrok-cli.exe -d fx2lafw --time 3000 --channels D0=RX --config samplerate=1m -P uart:baudrate=115200

To decode a UART connected to channel 0.

sigrok-cli output

Click the image for a closer look.

The CLI has a lot of potential for automation, and the main page is super-helpful!

As you venture into this world of logic analyzing, be sure to try out all of PuseView's protocol decoders and features. It's a great software tool and has a powerful open-source community behind it.