USB Type A Female Breakout Hookup Guide

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Hookup Example


To connect the USB breakout board, solder the break away headers to the 4 header holes on the board.

Header pins soldered onto USB Type A Female Breakout

PTH headers on the USB breakout board

Connecting the USB Breakout Board

alt text

Basic hookup using an mbed LPC1768 and a breadboard

For the LPC1768, make the following connections with jumper wires:

(USB Breakout → LPC1768)

  • VCC → VU
  • D- → D-
  • D+ → D+
  • GND → GND

Additionally, add 2 15kΩ pull-down resistors on the D+ and D- lines. Attach one resistor from D+ to GND, and attach another from D- to GND.

Completed mbed LPC1768 and USB breakout circuit

USB Type A Female Breakout added to the mbed LPC1768