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  • Drew2 / about 2 years ago / 2

    It looks like there is a mistake in the following paragraph:

    Along with tools for soldering, you'll need either some hookup wire or headers and jumper wires. Also, the Address (ADR) Jumper must be opened by severing the trace between the "Center" and "Left" pads to switch to SPI mode. After opening this jumper, connect the SDO pin to your controller's SDI/COPI pin.

    The SDO pin should be connected to the CIPO pin on the microcontroller. It would be helpful to have an SPI example sketch. To get SPI working, I added the following line to the sketch to set up the CS pin (and use the default pins otherwise):

    // Added to setup()
    SPI.begin(SCK, MISO, MOSI, csPin);  // Need to change the CS pin to something that was available

    I also changed the kxAccel.begin() call to:

    if( !kxAccel.beginSPICore(csPin, spiSpeed, SPI) ){

    • El Duderino / about 2 years ago / 2

      Good catch, we've updated that section with the correct pin labels. Thanks for sharing your code snippets for using the sensor(s) with SPI.

  • Vancouver Umbrella / about a year ago * / 1

    Defective unit?

    Hey gals n' guys, neither the 132 nor the 134 solder jumper is closed in the SEN-17589 (KX134) I received from yesterday.

    Is this an undocumented hardware change? Or possibly a manufacturing error? The Hardware Overview states that one or the other should be bridged.

    I'm thinking the lack of a solder bridge on the 134 jumper is the reason I cannot get any data from my board. I'm using the example1_basic_readings sketch.

    I can provide a good photo if it would help.

    Thanks for your great work. I absolutely love your content and style. And the tech, too, of course. :-)

    • Vancouver Umbrella / about a year ago * / 1

      Some further investigation has me convinced that the 132 and 134 solder jumpers are simply visual indicators. I'm pretty sure they have no functional impact.

      It seems the problem I'm having with the example1_basic_readings sketch is actually that on line 73 the check for data returns false:

      if( kxAccel.dataReady() ) {

      I also noticed that some of the documentation on the Website may be out of date. For example, has


      been replaced with


      The example sketch actually sets the range to 0x18. I couldn't figure out where that value was documented.

      I'm pretty green at this stuff and don't rule out errors or misunderstandings on my part. ;-)

      Best, Andrew

      • El Duderino / about a year ago / 2

        Hi there Vancouver Umbrella,

        You are correct that the 132 & 134 jumpers are visual indicators and have no effect on functionality. As for the code documentation, we did a significant overhaul to the KX13X Arduino library last year that isn't reflected in this guide yet. We'll work on getting that updated. For now, refer to the Arduino Library's GitHub repository for the most recent code.

        A quick suggestion that may help you with your board is to make sure you are initializing the correct version since Example 1 defaults to the KX132. These comments aren't intended for in-depth troubleshooting so if you need further help with your KX134 board, our Tech Support team can help you out in the SparkFun Forums. Our Troubleshooting Page will get you pointed in the right direction to get started on the Forums.

        Thanks for this feedback and happy hacking!

        • Vancouver Umbrella / about a year ago / 1

          Hey @El Duderino,

          Many thanks for your helpful response. It's great to get direct feedback from someone like yourself who knows the product and documentation inside out. Thanks too for you response via email. I should have figured all channels would eventually lead to the same person (i.e. you).

          I think I'll take your suggestion to try the forums. I have initialized the device as KX134 but there must something I've missed. Plausible data is received the accelerometer even though dataReady() always returns false.

          Keep up the great work!


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