Comments: Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - KX13x (Qwiic) Hookup Guide


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  • Drew2 / about 3 months ago / 1

    It looks like there is a mistake in the following paragraph:

    Along with tools for soldering, you'll need either some hookup wire or headers and jumper wires. Also, the Address (ADR) Jumper must be opened by severing the trace between the "Center" and "Left" pads to switch to SPI mode. After opening this jumper, connect the SDO pin to your controller's SDI/COPI pin.

    The SDO pin should be connected to the CIPO pin on the microcontroller. It would be helpful to have an SPI example sketch. To get SPI working, I added the following line to the sketch to set up the CS pin (and use the default pins otherwise):

    // Added to setup()
    SPI.begin(SCK, MISO, MOSI, csPin);  // Need to change the CS pin to something that was available

    I also changed the kxAccel.begin() call to:

    if( !kxAccel.beginSPICore(csPin, spiSpeed, SPI) ){

    • El Duderino / about 3 months ago / 1

      Good catch, we've updated that section with the correct pin labels. Thanks for sharing your code snippets for using the sensor(s) with SPI.

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