TMP006 Hookup Guide

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TMP006 Overview

The TMP006 is a temperature sensor that can detect the temperature of an object without having to make direct contact with it. The sensor has a thermopile which absorbs infrared energy from the object. The thermopile is composed of several thermocouples in series which each produce a voltage when heated. The total voltage is read and stored within the sensor as a number in a register. This number can then be used to calculate the object temperature.

SparkFun Infrared Temperature Breakout - TMP006

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The sensor can measure temperatures between -40°C and 125°C. It can be powered with 3.3V or 5V or anything in between. It can be used with battery powered applications as it is low power and has a typical idle (quiescent) current of 240 µA. It sports a very tiny form factor. You can interface with the chip using I2C and can have up to eight of them on the same I2C bus.

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